Stainless Steel Bar Ends,Tiger 900 '20 (fit OEM handguards)

Sale price$79.95


Our all-new Stainless Steel Bar Ends have been specially developed and shaped for your bike - slightly heavier than the original bar ends&-44; for less vibration.

The stainless steel finish with lasered R&G logo gives you the ultimate corrosion protection&-44; whilst looking great and helping to protect those expensive levers and clip-ons from damage in the event of a drop or crash.

Designed for the R&G Stainless Steel Bar Ends for Triumph Tiger 900 GT/ Rally &-39;20- & Tiger 850 Sport &-39;21- model.

Please note; these Stainless Steel Bar End sliders are designed to be fitted when there are handguards fitted to the bike&-44; for Stainless Steel Bar End sliders that are compatible without handguards&-44; please see BE0161SS. 

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