R&G Tail Tidy - BMW G310R

Sale price$189.95


Radically tidy up the rear end of the BMW G310R '17- models with this injection moulded R&G Tail Tidy. This R&G Tail Tidy kit includes a replacement injection moulded rear light surround/undertray enabling us to radically change the position of the licence plate -compared to the OE licence plate holder-, moving the licence plate much tighter underneath the rear seat cowling for a much more sporty, stylish look. Mounted to that, a tailored R&G stainless steel licence plate bracket to affix the number plate too, whose matte black powder coated and design ensure long-lasting durability and performance. R&G Tail Tidy units are easy to fit and radically transform the rear end of the bike, removing the expansive -and often ugly-- OEM licence plate holders - replacing them with a much sleeker looking unit. Compatible with either OE or aftermarket indicators as standard and includes plug and play connectors for a hassle-free installation.

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