R&G Elevation Paddock Stand Bobbins,Ninja 1000SX '20-,BLK

Sale price$64.95


These anodised aluminium paddock stand bobbins are sized M8 and are suitable Kawasaki Ninja 1000SX &-39;20-&-44; Z900RS &-39;21- & BMW S1000R/ Sport/  M Sport &-39;21-&-44; M1000RR &-39;21- & Z650RS &-39;21-. Designed to work perfectly with our Elevation series Rear Paddock Stands and are easy to locate onto a stand thanks to their enlarged collar design. Supplied in pairs and available in 3 colour options. Please carefully check your bike to ensure the Paddock Stand/Cotton Reel mounts are the correct size before purchasing.

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