Pure carbon fibre Brake Lever Guard, Zero SRF '19-

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Originally conceived in Moto2 but now adopted by almost every motorcycle body worldwide -ACU&-44; MSVR&-44; FIM&-44; AMA- and required for racing&-44; the &-39;Lever Guard&-39; was developed to help avoid the accidental engagement of the front brake lever during close wheel to wheel racing -either from accidental contact with another bike or even a rider- but can equally be applied to road riding&-44; protecting your lever-s- from wing mirror strikes while filtering; again potentially causing front brake engagement. Easy to install -fitting just like an R&G Bar End Slider- installation takes only seconds.

The specially designed super lightweight&-44; yet super strong carbon fibre arm covers the end of the brake lever&-44; plus its unique kink at its base allows your hand to fall cleanly off the handlebar grips should you be involved in an accident or crash. Like so many race oriented products&-44; these once quirky race bespoke products have now worked their way from the track to the road; so whether you&-39;re a professional racer&-44; a track day enthusiast or simply a road rider- An R&G Lever Guard is a must-have accessory.

This Carbon Fibre Lever Guard kit has been specifically designed for the Zero SRF &-39;19- models.

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