Lic Plate Holder,1290 Super Duke R 20-(with org wiring cov)

Sale price$299.95


R&G Tail Tidy unit is easy to fit and will radically tidy up the rear end of your KTM 1290 Super Duke &-39;20- with R&G tail tidy&-44; removing the expansive -and often ugly-- OEM licence plate holders - replacing them with a much sleeker looking unit.

This Tail Tidy is made up of Stainless Steel -2.5mm- 

OEM Weight: 0.87 KG

R&G Tail Tidy Weight: 0.54 KG 

A weight saving of 0.33 KG

* PLEASE NOTE: LP0288BK-BK includes a black wiring cover & LP0288BK-OR includes an orange wiring cover-


Please note that estimated date of delivery for LP0288BK-OR -orange wiring cover plate with black logo- is early June 2020. 




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