Exh Hanger & rear ft/rest blanking (kit),BLK/ RD,RH,Z H2

Sale price$214.95


This R&G Exhaust Hanger kit comes with both the Exhaust Hanger -EH0099BK- and Footrest Blanking Plate -BLP0105BK- for the other side. Specially designed to fit and suit the Kawasaki ZH2 &-39;20- models stylish contours. This kit allows removal of the pillion pegs on both sides for that aggressive race/street bike look&-44; whilst also allowing for your exhaust to be properly supported with a stylish R&G Exhaust Hanger. 

The Exhaust Hanger is made from 6mm aluminium&-44; featuring a modern design with a custom ZH2 logo. 

Kit includes:

Kawasaki ZH2 &-39;20- Exhaust Hanger - EH0099BK 

Kawasaki ZH2 &-39;20- Footrest Blanking Plate - BLP0105BK 


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