Branded Rad Guard,SS -YZF-R25 '14-/YZF-R3 '15-/MT-25/03 16-

Sale price$159.95


Our Branded Radiator Guards have been specially designed with bike enthusiasts in mind&-44; each kit containing a unique design made to complement your bike. These exciting new Branded Radiator Guards are more than just visually outstanding&-44; their stainless steel construction allows the guard to be incredibly strong and impervious to rust. Each laser-cut guard is crafted with a specific bike series in mind&-44; boasting a distinctive design&-44; while still allowing maximum airflow to the radiator so that cooling isn&-39;t compromised. The guard attaches easily and quickly to the radiator&-44; by utilising the existing mounting bolts. 

No modifications need to be made to the bike to install.

This Specific pair of Branded Radiator Guard is suitable for Yamaha YZF-R25 &-39;14-&-44; YZF-R3 &-39;15-&-44; MT-25 &-39;15- & Yamaha MT-03 &-39;16- models.



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