Brake Lever Guard, Black,MT-10, MT-09 SP '18-, MT-09 '17-

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Easy to install - taking only a minute or two. The special design combines super strength and lightweight properties thanks to its injection moulded design allowing race-approved protection for your road or track bikes. Like so many race-oriented products&-44; these once quirky race bespoke products have now worked their way from the track to the road; so whether you&-39;re a professional racer&-44; a track day enthusiast or simply a road rider&-44; an R&G Brake Lever Guard is a must-have accessory.

Key Features

  • BSB approved.

  • MCRCB approved. 

  • MotoAmerica approved.

  • Fit to the brake lever side.

  • Made from DuPont™ Zytel® 70G33L 

  • Supplied with all required hardware for the bespoke and racing bar applications.


The R&G moulded Lever Guard kit can be fitted to the brake side and has been specifically designed for the Yamaha MT-10 &-39;16- & SP &-39;17- & MT-09 &-39;17-&-39;20 & SP &-39;18-&-39;20 -FZ-09- &-44; YZF-R125 &-39;19- & MT-07 &-39;14-  & XSR 700 &-39;22-models.


BSB Approved. 


MCRCB Approved. 

MotoAmerica Approved. 



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